Laser Diode Driver Board
Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC) Control Board
Data Recorder Board


'Apps' are only available for Windows and TelmTech Ltd recommends that you download the 'App' for the product of interest and ensure it opens with your operating system before you purchase. To download the Graphical User Interface applications in .zip format click the links below. The zip folder should be saved and extracted to a folder of your choice eg Documents/TelmTech then click the .exe file to run the application.

Download GUI
TT Driver Control 5.1
Driver Control Screenshot

TT500 Laser Driver
TT500 Laser Driver
Download GUI
TT Cool Control 4.1
Cool Control Screenshot

TTEC4 TEC Driver
TTEC4 TEC Controller
Download GUI
TT Collect2 Vu 2.3.1
Collect2 GUI Screenshot

Collect2 Data Recorder
Collect2 Data Logger