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TTEC4 Controller

The TTEC4 is a Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC) controller with USB compatible communication intended for cooling and temperature control of laser diodes. Target temperatures can be set in the range 0 to 25C but for the temperature range 10 to 25C a temperature control of better than 0.03C may be realized depending on configuration. It is capable of supplying 4A at 10.5V. The 'TT Cool Control' Graphical User Interface is required for set up and control. Typical application areas are: Laboratory, Education, Research & Development, Test and Measurement etc.

TTEC4 - TEC Cool Only Driver board
TTEC4 Controller

* Maximum current up to 4A
* Temperature control to 0.03C
* Over I & V shutdown
* TEC voltages to 10.5V

The TTEC4 is intended to cool and maintain a constant temperature of laser diodes mounted on a TEC module and is designed to work in cooling configuration only, the heat source being the laser diode. It incorporates a microcontroller for setting and storing the target temperature atogether with the maximum current appropriate for the chosen TEC module which can be set in the range 0.1 to 4A. Over current and over voltage limits also need to be set and saved for protection in the event of a fault. It employs switch mode technology enabling it to drive currents up to 4A at high efficiency. The board requires a thermistor sensor for temperature measurement and is supplied calibrated with a 10k thermistor. TelmTech's 'Cool Control' graphical user interface (see Software) is required for set up and for the display of sensor temperature and current supplied to the TEC. Following initial set up the TTEC4 can either be controlled via the interface or be controlled through the remote connector using standard 5V logic and 0-5V analogue signals.

For the TTEC4 datasheet & manuals click here.

For the Cool Control Graphical User Interface click the image

Cool Control GUI screenshot