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TT500 Laser Diode Driver

The TT500 is a universal serial port controlled, general purpose, laser diode driver capable of supplying cw and pulse currents in the range 30mA to 500mA at voltages up to 6.5V. The TT500 requires the free 'TT Driver Control' graphical user interface for computers using the Windows operating systems. Typical application areas are: Laboratory, Education, Research & Development, Test and Measurement etc.

TT500 - Laser Driver Board
 TT500 Laser Driver Board

* Currents up to 500mA
* Constant current or power modes
* Pulsed operation to 40kHz
* Simmer current capability
* Over I & V shutdown
* Diode laser voltages to 6.5V

The TT500 is a non-switching laser diode drive board operating in linear mode that can operate in constant current or constant power modes. It is capable of driving currents up to 500mA. The maximum current for a particular laser diode may be set and stored on board for values in the range 30mA to 500mA. It will also drive diode lasers with forward voltages up to 6.5V enabling it to work with a variety of laser diodes emitting at wavelengths from the NIR to violet regions of the spectrum. It is compatible with various laser diode package types where the cathode is at 0V, see datasheet for details. There are also over current and over voltage limits that can be set and stored on board. It will operate in cw or pulsed modes where the latter requires a 5V rectangular wave input. There is also a simmer current capability (current mode only).

The 'TT Driver Control' Graphical User Interface is required for set up and control via a USB compatible connection. There are no manual potentiometers to adjust and generally no need for digital multi-meters. Following initial setup, the TT500 can either be controlled from the ‘TT Laser Driver’ interface or by TTL logic and 0-5V analogue signals via the remote connector. If the interface is used there are 128 current levels from minimum to the maximum current selected

For the TT500 datasheet & manuals click here.

For the Driver Control Graphical User Interface click the image.

Driver Control GUI Screenshot